Payroll Administration Services

Managing your payroll in-house can be a real drain on your time. When employees are scurrying to keep up with the latest changes in payroll tax regulations, they’re not focused on activities that improve your bottom line.

You can count on Network Secretarial Services to bring focus to your business by providing accurate and complete payroll services for small and mid-size businesses that keep things running smoothly. From tax filings to automated time clock solutions, we use the most advanced technology to ensure we are meeting your needs in the most efficient manner.

The mission of the Payroll department of Network Secretarial Services is to calculate the salaries based on instructions received from the clients while respecting the legal provisions

The following table represents the main steps of the payroll administration services:

  • Payroll calculation process and establishment of the pay slips
  • Monthly variances controlling report
  • Payroll data input – variable payroll elements
  • Payroll disbursements
  • Payroll Accounting entry report and general ledger
  • Set up and maintenance of the employers’/employees’ master records
  • Affiliation of the employer to National Social Security Administration NSSA: operating declaration (“déclaration d’exploitation”)
  • Affiliation of the employees to National Social Security Administration NSSA: Employees’ entry and exit declarations
  • Management of the payroll calculation rules
  • Salaries declarations to National Social Security Administration NASSA
  • Declaration of sickness days and social security reimbursements to the employer
  • Declarations of withholding wage tax
  • Issuing of individual salary account statements summarizing all the salary statements of the current year
  • Issuing of the year end statements for the employees and electronic transmission to the local tax authorities