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Frequently Ask Questions

  • What Paperwork Do I get after Registration?

    In a PBC you get what is called a Certificate & Statement of Incorporation. This document specifies the name, address, directors/owners and objects of the PBC.
    PBC Bylaws are an optional document in a PBC and are equivalent to the Articles of Association in a PLC.
    In a PLC you get a Certificate of Incorporation, CR6 (specifies the address of the business), CR14 (specifies the directors of the company) and the Memorandum and Articles of Association (documents that specify the objects of the company, who the shareholders are and govern the relationship of the shareholders in the company).

  • Can I Open a Bank Account With a PBC?

    Definitely! The PBC is as much a binding and legal document as the PLC. After all, it’s called a Private Business Corporation.
    On top of that it’s established by a national act of Parliament (i don’t know of any wise bank that wants to fight against the government under which it operates). It’s also important to note that both the PBC and the PLC are registered by the same government office (the Department of Companies & Intellectual Property).

  • What Happens if my names are rejected by the registrar?

    If your list of names is not available for registration, you will need to supply us with a new list of names at no extra cost. While this process is offered by the Registrar of companies at a cost, we do not charge you for this

  • How do i register as a sole trader?

    Sole traders are registered as PBCs since a PBC allows for a minimum of 1 director/ member or shareholder. This means you can register a PBC and be the sole owner of it

  • Definitions: What does PBC or PLC mean?

    PBC stands for Private Business Corporation and PLC stands for Private Limited Company

  • Should i register a PBC or a PLC?

    • A PBC (Private Business Corporation) is meant mainly for small operations. It is good for those who have a limited budget or specifically want something small.
    • A PLC (Private Limited Company) accommodates all sizes of businesses from small to large enterprises.
    • In a PBC the shareholders are also the directors. If you want the shareholders to be different from the directors then you should choose the PLC. A PBC is also ideal if you want to be a sole trader.
    • Some types of businesses cannot register as a PBC e.g. a pharmacy or a micro-finance company since the requirements of the MCAZ or the RBZ doesn’t accommodate a PBC. A PBC only has a certificate of incorporation and does not include CR6, CR14, or Memorandum & Articles of Association. If you want these then you should register as a PLC.
    • If your budget permits choose the PLC as it is more popular and therefore more recognized by almost everyone. The PBC may pose a challenge if you deal with third parties who are not familiar with it. If you are on a strict budget you can start with the PBC and upgrade it later when funds permit.

  • Do I need a tax clearance to start trading?

    Yes, the law requires that every company be tax complaint and should acquire a tax clearance within 30 days of start of trade. Also other companies will not do business with a company that does not have a tax clearance. Or they will charge you 10% of withholding tax. Also you cannot open your company’s bank account without a tax clearance. Check out our prices for packages with a tax clearance certificate

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