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Forensic Investigations/ Risk Advisory/ Internal Audit Services

Network Secretarial Services is your best partner on governance issues. It is through good governance that successful companies are born and where the difference between success and failure lies. Our business is to support programs and directives which uphold strong ethics as a cornerstone of good governance. Our experienced and qualified team will help with

  • Facilitating the development of risk management framework and policy as well as training key staff for the sustenance of the framework
  • Developing sound ethics policy and standard operating procedures for all operations to guide ethical behaviour and consistency in delivery of service and products
  • Carrying out forensic audits when you suspect fraud to have occurred
  • Outsourced internal audit services
  • Carrying out quality reviews for your Internal Audit and other departments
  • Automating your internal audit department and capacitating your internal auditors with new audit techniques and methodologies to add value to business
  • Providing internal auditors with well researched and risk-based audit programmes on any area of the business

  • Deliver a complete internal audit tool box, Auditor Assistant-a cloud-based, end-to-end software-that enables your internal audit team to do more with less and thus increases efficiency and effective across all internal audit activities

Internal Audit Quality Assurance Review

Audit committees and chief audit executives (CAEs) may want to assess how well internal audit is performing. Periodically, a CAE may also want to monitor internal audit's value to the organization. This is where an internal audit quality assurance review comes in.
The Institute of Internal Auditors established the benchmark for internal audit performance through a series of standards. To ensure that your internal audit function conforms to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, you must establish a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program and, at least every five years, obtain an external quality assessment by an independent reviewer or an internal review team.

The benefits of a quality assurance review

There are many important benefits of having an internal audit quality assurance review, including

  • Providing you with an opinion regarding conformance with the spirit and intent of the standards
  • Determining how effective and efficient your internal audit function is when weighed against its charter, the expectations of the organization's key stakeholders and peers or leading practices
  • Outlining specific improvement opportunities and providing a prioritized action plan so internal audit can improve its value to the organization
  • Enhancing internal audit's credibility within your organization

We perform internal audit quality assurance assessments for companies like yours

We can perform the quality assurance review ourselves or validate your own internal audit function's self-assessment. Our internal audit professionals have experience working with organizations of all types and sizes - in most every industry.
We'll help you capture the benefits of an assurance review so you can take your internal audit department's performance to the next level.

Internal Audit Outsourcing

Transforming internal audit into an effective strategic partner

The internal audit function has gone through significant transformation in recent years. Long gone are the days of spreadsheets and checklists; today’s companies have ushered in a more strategic focus on monitoring risk and organizational growth opportunities. There’s now an industry-wide understanding that internal audit should play an integral role in strategic risk management.
With that in mind, Network Secretarial Services’ is leading the way. We’ve developed customized internal audit strategies for forward-thinking organizations that address risk while enhancing business performance. Our internal audit outsourcing methodology begins and ends with your organizational goals and mission as we stay focused on the alignment with the executive team’s strategy.
Through this managed service, we bring the full power of Network Secretarial Services’ consultants, who break new ground by utilizing data analytics to identify trends and often-subtle patterns that can improve your decision making, insights and risk coverage. Our experienced team also works with innovative technologies that produce more effective and agile audit plans to power your organization into the future.

Our full suite of internal audit managed services include

  • Internal audit outsourcing
  • Internal audit co-sourcing
  • Internal audit loaned staff

If you’re looking for a strategic advisor to help you anticipate risks and manage them proactively in order to enhance business performance, look no further than RSM’s internal audit managed services.

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